Welcome from Our Pastor

Welcome from Our Pastor

Dear Friend,

First and foremost, Palmetto Hills focuses on worship. We know that all men have been created to glorify and enjoy God. So we encourage our church family to worship him six days a week in the community, and then gather for one glorious day of worship on Sunday. For us, the pinnacle of our week is when we gather at 9:30 on Sunday morning to commune with our Savior and Lord.

Palmetto Hills also focuses on evangelism. When a person finds forgiveness and reconciliation through the work of Jesus Christ, we shout, the angels sing, and God is delighted. Therefore, in all of our official gatherings and venues, we speak much of the Gospel. Then we encourage our people to leave the church building and take Christ with them to their communities. At Palmetto Hills, we are passionate about taking Christ to the nations; we are equally passionate about being missionaries to our neighborhoods.

Another focus of our church is Christian education. As Christ followers, we want to be wise. Christ is our teacher; we are disciples; and we want to learn to think like him. Therefore, we make it our aim to be students of the Word of God. Wherever our members are in their Christian experience – elementary or graduate level – we want to help them take the next step towards being truly intelligent.

Finally, at Palmetto Hills, we focus on fellowship. We love being together. God presented his church as a family. He is the groom; the church is his bride; within the church are brothers and sisters who share life with one another. So, as God allows our church membership to grow, we desire to never lose this emphasis. With this in mind, we encourage our family members to gather weekly at the church, out in the community, and in their homes.

There is much more that could be written regarding Palmetto Hills Presbyterian Church. I could tell you of our great denomination called the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA). I could comment on our Reformed heritage and appreciation for the Westminster Confession of Faith. Much could be written regarding our prayer meetings, children’s programs, youth group, men’s and women’s gatherings, style of worship, or outreach initiatives. However, in this letter, I wanted to share that which is fundamental – that which most excites us.

Why don’t you come and worship with us at 9:30 on Sunday morning? Or, if you give me a phone call, I would be glad to meet and buy you a cup of coffee? Our church phone number is (864) 963-9600, or I can be reached by via our contact form. I would love the opportunity to spend some time with you conversing about God, theology, church, or anything else that is on your mind.

Joseph Franks, Pastor