2022 Vacation Bible School

2022 Vacation Bible School

This year’s VBS takes us on a time-traveling mission back to the dawn of time!

“Eyewitness” Storytellers transport young Astronauts deep into the book of Genesis where they joyfully encounter their Personal Creator and discover they were made to love and worship the very Lord of the Universe!

Why Should Your Kids Attend Space Probe VBS?

Your kids will come away from Space Probe knowing that God not only created them, but sees them and knows them at all times, and has reached out in love to save them. It’s knowing God as our personal Creator and Savior that changes lives forever.

In this outer space-themed VBS, your young “Astronuats” will meet the Lord of the Universe and engage the truths of His Word.


Palmetto Hills Presbyterian Church

Simpsonville, SC

VBS Schedule

Monday to Friday, June 13th to 17th

9am – 12pm