Our Mission

Our Mission

Our Mission Statement

We exist to glorify and enjoy God by making disciples who gather together for Joyful Worship, Theological Training and Christian Fellowship before going into the world to engage in Relentless Evangelism.

Joyful Worship

We believe that worship is to be the prioritized activity of the church since Scripture presents worship as the supreme interest of God. We see that the Lord has set aside a special Lord’s Day in which all Christians are to faithfully and corporately worship.

True worship is focused upon God’s person and character alone. Acceptable worship is practiced or regulated according to his principles and direction. Worship is to be well-ordered, but it may be flexible. Joyful Worship is enjoyable, encouraging and beneficial to men, but this is a wonderful and secondary consequence. It is to be practiced with careful reverence for God is holy and transcendent, but at the same time it is to be conducted with confident joy as God is immanent, near and approachable. True worship is to be intellectual and understandable; never mindless or mystical. It is also to be culturally compatible by using the appropriate language of the day.

At Palmetto Hills Presbyterian Church, we seek to present a worship service which is historically trans-generational – utilizing the best resources from all centuries – past and present. According to our belief, worship is to be a participatory activity. We are a performing congregation with God as the only member of the audience. And to the best of our ability, worship is to be grand in presentation; excellent and orderly, using all the skills given by God to his church body.

Theological Training

We believe that all Christians should be growing in their knowledge of God and His Word. We believe this Word to be inspired, inerrant, authoritative and sufficient for godliness. We believe that Christian education is both the business of the home and the church, both working together towards a common goal. 

The disciple of Jesus Christ should be growing in Biblical knowledge, Christian character, and ministerial skill. We strive to present God’s Word through the weekly sermon, adult and age-graded classes, the youth program, and our various men’s and women’s Bible studies.

Christian Fellowship

We believe in an active, covenantal, church membership. This promotes accountability as it locates every Christian within a particular and local body of believers. This aids in providing excellent, proactive pastoral care by the elders for each and every member of our body.

In addition, other members in the church family know for whom they are specifically responsible to care. At Palmetto Hills Presbyterian Church, we seek to grow our Christian fellowship through our numerous shepherding groups and other fellowship get togethers.

Shepherding Groups meet monthly and are coordinated by the elders of the church.

Relentless Evangelism

We are passionate about our responsibility to present the Gospel to our world. We are very aware of our inability to produce conversions. We trust the Holy Spirit to regenerate the hearts of men allowing them to place their faith in Jesus Christ for salvation. In regards to local missions, our focus is to practice lifestyle-evangelism that manifests itself in doxological-evangelism. We hope to live out Christ throughout the week in order to find them saved under the preaching of the Gospel. In addition to local missions, Palmetto Hills Presbyterian Church is excited about the planting of churches around the world.

Understanding the importance of a balanced lifestyle to each family, the Session of Palmetto Hills Presbyterian Church has encouraged and prioritized ministry participation for our families. While there may be many good activities presented by our church, the following are the most-essential or non-negotiable. We encourage each and every member to be

  • Faithful in Christian education each week;
  • Faithful in the Shepherding Groups which meet bi-monthly;
  • Faithful in the worship service each Lord’s Day;
  • Practicing lifestyle-evangelism leading to doxological-evangelism.